Why Service at Marketplace Motors?

So, you need to decide where to take your vehicle to be serviced. You may not even be considering the dealership, buying into the common misconception that independent shops are cheaper than dealership service garages. However, if you consider the level of expertise you're getting for your money, you'll realize that dealerships might actually be the better option, so think carefully before giving that independent service shop your business.


It's not that independent shops don't know what they're talking about -- many of them are good and perform the job well. However, employees at dealership service shops are required to be trained in performing maintenance on specific makes and models, which can make a big difference. Trained by the original manufacturer, dealership workers specialize in your brand, meaning they have more knowledge about your type of car in particular.

Additionally, if your car is newer, your dealership may have access to information about your vehicle that nobody else does. Any information regarding recent models, technology, equipment, and parts comes directly from the auto manufacturer themselves, meaning that the dealership may be up to date while competing independent shops are left in the dark. As a result, it might be safer to assume that dealership service shops know a lot more about your car than an independent shop.


Last of all, independent shops don't generally have access to genuine parts from the original manufacturer, opting instead to change and repair vehicle parts with what is referred to as "aftermarket" parts, which are usually generic "universal" car parts not suited to any particular brand. The only way to make sure your vehicle will be fitted with quality parts made for it is to take it to a dealership.


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