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  • Renard Bergstrom
    Dealer Principal

  • Jeremy Devier*
    Vice President of Sales

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    Hometown: Devils Lake, ND

    Jeremy started working for the dealership as a salesperson during college, thinking it would be a great job to do at the time. Little did he know, over 20 years later he's still here and he still loves it! He said the customers' excitement never gets old. His favorite vehicle to drive is a Ford Mustang. Although he doesn't have a "favorite" feature, he truly enjoys helping customers find the vehicle that fits their own needs and wants and would love to help you out.

  • Jesse Everson*
    General Manager

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    Hometown: Langdon, ND

    Jesse started in car sales while working for a summer job 2 decades ago because he liked the idea of helping people find the right vehicle, and because it's both challenging and rewarding. He loves the F-150 the most because it sells itself, and he'd love to show you some of the crazy things you can do with the new technology on vehicles.

  • Steve Gratton*
    Sales Manager

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    Hometown: Osnabrock, ND

    Steve started in the reconditioning department 19 years ago, moved into the sales department, and is now the Sales Manager, so he literally understands vehicles- inside and out! His favorite things about this job is meeting new people and watching them drive off in their dream ride. A Raptor is his dream ride, because, as he says "It's a Raptor." The keyless entry pad system continues to be something he'd loved to show you!

  • Bob Davis*
    Used Car Director

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    Hometown- Crary, ND

    Bob really enjoyed the art of negotiation, as well as new cars, so he decided to give the car business a try over 20 years ago. To him, the satisfaction of seeing a smile on a happy customer's face cannot be beat. He also appreciates all of the friendships he's formed through selling vehicles over the years. His favorite vehicle to sell (and drive) is the Ford F-150. The technology has changed tremendously in the past 2 decades, and it's Bob's favorite thing to show to customers.

  • Richard Eback
    Fixed Operations Manager

  • Dave Nick

    Finance Manager

  • Julie Carew

    Finance Consultant

  • Durwood Schultz
    Office Manager

  • Kelsey Joy

  • Leah Nicholls
    Guest Services Representative

  • Nichole Bertsch
    U-Save Rental Manager

  • Jodie Longie*
    Sales Consultant

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    Hometown: Devils Lake, ND

    Jodie said that when she started she couldn't open the hood or jump start a vehicle, so she wasn't sure about a change in careers… but 16 amazing years later she remains a leader in the business! Jodie quickly figured out that it's way more about the people than the vehicles, a top reason why her customers come back time after time. Jodie doesn't have a favorite vehicle, but she does love her Ford Escape- especially because she never has to worry about getting stuck in the tough ND winters! Jodie's favorite features are the keypad and the all new Ford Pass- stop by and she'll show you why!

  • Keith Schwandt*
    Sales Consultant

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    Hometown: McVIlle, ND

    Keith said his friends actually helped him decide to sell vehicles, and he's found that problem solving for customers is one of his favorite things about his career. Keith loves the Ford F-150 best of all, and he's ready to show you the things in your next vehicle that will be helpful on a daily basis.

  • Dan Nelson*
    Sales Consultant

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    Hometown: Egeland, ND

    Dan grew up in the livestock industry and decided to transition into vehicle sales because it still allows him to keep hold of his agricultural and country roots. He loves pickups most because he grew up around them, but he prides himself in helping people find what meets their needs in a vehicle purchase. He'd love to show you all of the techy things that make life easier in vehicles, including the Voice Command option!

  • Devon Held*
    Sales and Leasing Consultant

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    Hometown: Mooreton, ND

    Devon has always loved vehicles and has also always worked in agriculture industries, so selling vehicles seemed to be a natural fit, as no vehicle company has been better to the local farming industries than Ford Motor Company. He has a soft spot for turbo-charged engines, but enjoys the thrill of finding someone a new vehicle even more. His Goal isn't to sell you a car, it's to help you buy the car of your dreams.

  • Travis Myklebust*
    Sales and Leasing Consultant

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    Hometown: Minnewaukan, ND

    Helping customers meet their needs is something that has motivated Travis' career choices for many years. His favorite part is talking to people, getting to know them, and showing off the cool features on a vehicle. He believes the best vehicle out there is the Ford F-150 because they're truly Built Ford Tough! As a father of 2 young kids, safety is a very important piece of the vehicle to Travis, so he'd love to show you the features that will also give you peace of mind.

  • Heath Alexander
    Parts Manager

  • Chris Svedberg
    Parts Counterperson

  • Shawn Olson
    Parts Counterperson

  • Rod Hunt
    Body Shop Manager

  • Jamey Eback
    Body Shop Technician

  • Kirk Shipley
    Body Shop Technician

  • Steven Hunt
    Body Shop Technician

  • Chris Devier
    Service Manager

  • Terry Linde
    Service Advisor

  • Matt Lyon
    Service Advisor

  • Mat Hunt
    Service Advisor

  • Brent Adrian
    Master Service Technician

  • Dalton Girodat
    Service Technician

  • Buddy Archer
    Quick Lane Technician

  • Brett Olson
    Quick Lane Technician

  • Rodney Dragsholf
    Service Technician

  • Ty Alexander
    Quick Lane Technician

  • Dustin Hettwer
    Quick Lane Technician

  • Jaden Hunt
    Quicklane Technician

  • Greg Solga
    Quick Lane Technician

  • Tony Solga
    Quick Lane Technician

  • Brady Stevens
    Quick Lube Technician

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