Oversteering and understeering are common problems that can make a vehicle maneuver inconsistently on the road. Ford has a solution to these problems, and it's called AdvanceTrac with Stability Control.

AdvanceTrac is a smart system because it monitors roll rates using a pair of gyroscopic sensors. These sensors are quick, so they can detect roll motion, wheelslip, oversteering, and understeering without any delay. The entire stability system works well on terrains that are covered with rain, snow, or gravel. Curve Control is incorporated with AdvanceTrac, which is beneficial because this technology automatically reduces the Escape's speed along curves. However, it only activates when the Escape enters a curve too quickly.

You can gather more information about AdvanceTrac and Curve Control at Marketplace Motors Inc. We have many Ford Escape vehicles lined up on our lot, and they're all available for a test drive. Our salesmen set up cruises in the latest Ford vehicles for potential buyers throughout Devils Lake, ND.

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