Maneuver Through Traffic Confidently While Operating a Ford EcoSport

The most important thing that a driver must consider on a busy highway is safety. If improper driving procedures are implemented near another automobile, a crash or collision may happen. Ford cares about safety, which is why the EcoSport is designed with a great safety tool called the Blind Spot Information System.

On all highways, there are blind spots where a driver can't see oncoming vehicles. Ford's BSLS provides peace of mind on the busiest highways because it has sensors that trigger an indicator light whenever a car is within crash range. This light is simple to detect as it glows and illuminates on the exterior mirror on the driver's side. Because the Ford EcoSport is a fully equipped vehicle, it also has a Cross-Traffic Alert system, which uses radar to detect traffic that's behind the EcoSport. When both technologies are used together, the process of staying safe during daily driving routines is easier.

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