The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon Packs in the Comfort

The 2019 Ford Transit wagon is a full-size passenger vehicle that packs in a wide variety of comfort features. These features include special designs, comfortable seating, and extra room.

The Ford Transit wagon includes a kinetic design system. This design pattern puts customer comfort first and includes amenities such as heated seats, driver armrests, and even flexible use aisle seats. Driver safety is well taken care of with tilting and telescoping steering wheels.

In addition to the seating convenience, the Ford Transit wagon includes 77-inch interior height capacity. This allows plenty of room for passenger luggage, and also includes storage space in the form of overhead storage bins. These features can come in handy for long trips or light cargo hauling.

The Ford passenger wagon comfort features also extend to its suspension. The suspension system includes specially pressurized shock absorbers that mitigate large shocks and keep passengers secure.

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