The Advantages of a Clean Car

One of the easiest ways to maintain your vehicle's value and appearance is by keeping its exterior clean. While washing a car can sometimes seem like a boring task, not only is the end result something you can enjoy, but it may also save you money.

Car manufacturers are always looking for ways to reduce aerodynamic drag, incorporating smooth lines and spoilers to direct airflow. While it seems hard to believe, even that layer of dust on your car's exterior can cost you some of your fuel efficiency. The dirt catches the wind as you drive, forcing your car to expend more fuel than if the exterior were clean. Over time, this adds up to an astonishing 10% of your fuel cost. Save money at the pump by washing your car regularly.

You can also ask a higher price when you go to sell your vehicle if you maintain its exterior with regular washing, waxing and touching up the paint.

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