The new Ford Mustang GT offers a lot of customization options for performance and transmission style. There are three different engines to choose from, but of course, many just want to hear the performance of the V8 engine. There's nothing better than hearing the roar of the GT. However, there are sometimes when you don't want it to wake up the neighbors or the baby. For those times, Ford started listening to its drivers about adding in performance control features.

The new GT includes an Action Valve Performance Exhaust system that you can change in real-time to lower the sound of your exhaust or let it go so you can hear the full power of your V8 engine. There are a lot of options available with the performance features of the new Ford Mustang GT. Want to get into a new sports car? Your test drive is waiting.

You can stop by Marketplace Motors Inc. located in Devils Lake, ND to schedule a test drive today.

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