Convenience Features of The Ford Escape

Convenience features have long been the driving force to convince car buyers to upgrade from an older model year vehicle to a newer one. When the loves of drivers become easier, they become happier with their vehicle and are much more likely to purchase this vehicle again and again. That is why we here at Marketplace Motors Inc. of Devils Lake, ND are so excited to introduce you to the all-new 2019 Ford Escape compact SUV!

This SUV includes a foot-activated liftgate that means you'll be able to activate the trunk even when your hands are full. Simply swipe your foot under the tailgate and watch with amazement as your trunk springs open with ease. Additionally, drivers will love the push to start ignition which only requires your keys to be in the car with you. This means you will never have to fumble through your purse or pockets for those pesky keys again.

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