The Ford Focus ST Delivers Top Interior Features

Compact cars appeal to consumers who seek excellent gas mileage, comfortable fits into parking spaces, and a more economical model. Sitting inside a compact car can be a joy, too. The Ford Focus ST hatchback comes with many appealing interior features worth a closer look.

Cruise control presents a way of taking some stress off the driving experience. Setting the cruise control to the desired speed won't come with any hassles or unwanted steps. Whether in or out of cruise control, drivers should appreciate the four-way adjustable head restraints.

The color LCD display makes it hard to miss anything on the screen. 4.2" provides enough screen to see everything. The device is driver configurable and not fixed with its settings. Drivers need not be techies to operate the functions.

At Marketplace Motors Inc., the Ford Focus has many fans. Feel the same enthusiasm when taking a Focus out for a test drive in Devils Lake.

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