Common Symptoms of Ignition Failure

Starting your car in the morning is a simple task that people in Devils Lake and all over the world take for granted every day. However, it is actually a complicated series of processes that have to happen just right.

This series of processes begins with the ignition, so if the ignition switch fails for any reason, the rest of the tasks necessary to start the car won't happen either. If your car has been showing any of the following common symptoms of ignition failure, you should take it into Marketplace Motors Inc. so they can assess the situation and offer a solution.

  • Your car stalls.
  • Your car won't start at all.
  • The key won't turn in the ignition.
  • The starter motor isn't making a noise.
  • You see flickering lights on the dashboard.

Remember if your automobile is showing any of the above symptoms of ignition failure, be sure to contact our service center here at Marketplace Motors Inc. to check and see if the problem is covered under warranty or to get service right away.

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