Driving and Braking in a Ford Fiesta Electric

When you're shopping for a compact EV, performance factors are important. The Ford Focus Electric offers quality and a smart design for an ideal driving experience.

A smart brake system is key in any vehicle. The four-wheel disc Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) in the Ford Focus Electric offers additional support during hard-braking situations by "pumping" the brakes several times per second if the system sensors indicate wheel lockup.

Additionally, Torque Vectoring Control works with the brake system by balancing the distribution of torque to the front wheels. For example, it will apply braking to the front inside of the wheel during acceleration around a corner. This way, more of the torque goes to the outside of the wheel where there is more grip.

The only way to experience for yourself how the Ford Fiesta Electric drives is to visit our showroom here at Marketplace Motors Inc. on Devils Lake, ND today for a test drive.

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