How to Properly Prepare for a Potential Roadside Emergency

Having a better understanding about how to react during a roadside emergency will keep everyone involved safer. Keep these tips in mind in the event your vehicle becomes disabled on the highway.

  • Call for the police and wait with the car. Never wander away or look for help on foot, stay with the vehicle.
  • At night, be sure your emergency flashers are on so other drivers have the opportunity to slow down and avoid hitting the disabled car.
  • Put down road flares at least a hundred feet from the car to give drivers the chance to slow down long before they are right on top of the disabled vehicle.
  • If a stranger comes to help, tell them the police are on the way and they can call for help too if they would like to be of assistance.

We here at Marketplace Motors Inc. just wanted to pass on these safety tips to all of our customers.

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